Harrogate Crown Green Bowling

The Harrogate Amateur Bowling Association consists of 2 highly competative leagues made up from clubs around Harrogate and the surrounding districts.

The first league is an open Evening League consisting of 4 Divisions running on a Monday and Tuesday evening. The second is a Veterans League running on a Friday afternoon.

The league has many North Yorkshire players, with North Yorkshire competing in the National Federation of Crown Green Bowls championship.

Thur, Apr 03, 2014

BowlsNet - Guidelines

The following are some Captains rules for using the BowlsNet Results service:
• All match entries and verifications must be completed by 5pm on the day following the match
• All Captains (or a nominated representative) are encouraged to use the BowlsNet system
• If you cannot use BowlsNet, then you can still post the results sheet in the traditional manner to the Fixture Secretary
• However, you will be responsible for posting all results sheets including home and away matches e.g. if the Home captain uses BowlsNet, but the Away Captain does not, it is the responsibility of the Away captain to post the results sheet. In rare cases where neither Captain uses BowlsNet, the responsibility remains with the Home Captain.
• BowlsNet had a clitch with some of the users which I have recreated from memory. This means one or two may be wrong. Any issues logging in then drop me (Ian Kennedy) a text message detailing the credentials you are using and I will sort it out asap.

BowlsNet Questions and Answers

Thur, Mar 20, 2014

BowlsNet - Online Results Service

New for the 2014 season is the introduction of BowlsNet. BowlsNet is a hosted online service offering live, up-to-the minute access to the current season and peruse any uploaded previous seasons. Features include:
• view and enter match results
• view league tables, team results, player results and averages
• view and update team contacts/green details/player registrations
• print reports or paste into word processor/spreadsheet/e-mail etc.
• Captains can input and verify their results directly via the web site

To assist everyone I have created a short tuition Video and an instruction document. All club secretaries have been issues with team passwords so should now be available to all captains.

Thur, Mar 20, 2014


The Harrogate Forum is available to all bowlwers via the Beighton Bowler site. Beighton Bowler has an excellent forum that covers all of Yorkshire including North, West and South. They have a dedicated Harrogate section so it makes perfefct sense to use this facility. I would recommend Harrogate bowlers sign up to Beighton Bowler to ensure you can have your say and keep up with latest views and opinions.

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